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Flower Rat

The Charm City Flower Rat is a beginner-friendly, alley-cat-styled bike race that I organized in the spring of 2023 in Baltimore MD.
On April 1st over 80 riders in 22 teams took off, egg baskets in hand, in search of 7 checkpoints at which they would perform a variety of silly tasks that would earn their teams points. Teams could also get bonus points for performing tasks during the race including writing a poem for a dead rat, stopping to smell the flowers, and wearing spring themed outfits.
Teams were awarded prizes at the end of the race based on the number of points accrued. All prizes were donated by local businesses.

The Charm City Flower Rat is a beginner-friendly, Alley-Cat-style bike race that I organized in the spring of 2023 in Baltimore, MD.
As a part of organizing I created all of the graphics for the race including a logo, social media cards, flyer, t-shirt, headers, illustrations, a spoke card, and more!
Leading up to the race I reached out to a number of local business in Blatimore who generously donated prizes for the riders. They were all feature on the Flower Rat Instagram account.
I also created a physical flyer that was hung up around the city!
Leading up to the race I created a series of social media cards to reach out for volunteers at checkpoints and as a countdown to the race.
I also used the spoke card design on a t-shirt that I hand printed. At the end of the race I also set up a tie-dying station where racers could customize their shirts.
For the day of the race each rider was given a manifest that contained each checkpoint in the race, a hint to their location, a map of the race area, and a list of activities that would give each team bonus points.
During the race, each team had to complete as many checkpoints as possible before the race ended. Some noteable checkpoint activities included pieing your teammate in the face, taking an "Easter Photo", Drawing a portrait of your teammate and their bike, and a tea party.
An animation of leaves growing within an exclamation point